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Project Untangled



    The UNTANGLED researchers convened on May 17 in Leuven, Belgium, to discuss and summarise the progress made during the past two years of our project. The meeting provided an opportunity to reflect on the achieved outcomes and to strategise for the final phase of the project.


    Mikkel Barslund (KU Leuven) warmly welcomed all participants and provided a synthesis of the results from papers and reports that have been written thus far. The preliminary conclusion from our research demonstrates that digitalisation and robotisation do not seem to harm labour markets and globalisation does not pose a threat to jobs. However, it has become apparent that demographic changes present significant challenges within the three megatrends examined by UNTANGLED.


    Next, we delved into the preliminary results of scenario projections, exploring how technological advancements and globalisation influence inequalities, skills, and labour market outcomes. Roberta Capello and Andrea Caragliu (Politecnico di Milano) shared the results of simulating national and regional growth trajectories and labour market outcomes using the MASST model. Michał Burzyński (LISER) presented results based on a different model to stimulate the matching of skills to tasks amid parallel changes in technology, globalisation, and skills.


    To ensure that our research findings reach the appropriate audience, we divided into groups and discussed the approach to crafting policy briefs, which will be developed over the next few months. Each session focused on a specific brief, covering topics such as strengthening job creation and improving job quality, upgrading skills and fostering lifelong learning, tackling growing inequalities, supporting migration and labour mobility, as well as inclusive policies.


    Lastly, we have set the date for our final conference, which will take place on November 23. This event will serve as a platform to disseminate our findings, engage in fruitful discussions, and collaborate with experts from various fields.


    The event brought together 18 participants from 10 partner institutions.



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    This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101004776

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