Project Untangled

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Project Untangled



    WP1: Project management and coordination

    WP1 aims to ensure that UNTANGLED’s objectives are met with high quality, on schedule and within the budget. This work package includes monitoring the project’s progress towards the objectives and ensuring the smooth and successful execution of the project, its work packages, tasks and deliverables.

    WP2: Framework and joint infrastructure

    This work package will establish a conceptual framework, develop project protocols and set up a joint infrastructure to support research and stakeholder engagement.

    WP3: Macro-level analysis

    WP3 aims to measure the aggregate, country-level effects of technological transformations, globalisation and demographic changes across the EU, including by measuring their effect on gaps in labour market outcomes between younger and older people; on wage and income inequality; on supply of and demand for skills; and on reshoring and trade flows.

    WP4: Meso-level analysis

    WP4 will assess the impacts of technology, globalisation and demography on social welfare and employment at the industry and regional level, determining their impact on various dimensions of employment, explaining the role of industry-specific tangible and intangible capital on income distribution, evaluating the role of regional differentiation in inequalities and zooming in on specific industries and regions.

    WP5: Micro-level analysis

    In WP5, we measure the effects of globalisation and technology on companies and employees, mapping firms’ reactions to the trends and quantifying how they affect performance, wage inequality and employment.

    WP6: Scenarios for Europe and its territory

    In this work project, we will develop two sets of alternative and extreme scenario assumptions for Europe, simulating their effects on regional and national GDP growth, employment growth, regional inequalities and skills composition, and extrapolating future trends to support policy recommendations in WP7.

    WP7: Synthesis and policy

    WP7 will combine knowledge generated inside and outside of the project, synthesising the results of WPs 3-5, updating the literature review, taking stock of policy fields and reviewing best practices, assessing how to improve job creation and quality, investigating how to upgrade skills and address mismatches and considering policies to tackle inequalities and foster labour mobility.

    WP8: Stakeholder engagement

    This WP will maximise the relevance and impact of UNTANGLED, and support its transdisciplinary aspirations, engaging a broad community of stakeholders from groups including policymakers, international organisations, companies, social partners, civil society and academia.

    WP9: Dissemination and communication

    WP9 aims to increase knowledge and awareness of the trends and impacts studied in the project by communicating and disseminating its findings to academics and researchers, policy-makers, stakeholders and the general public.

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    This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101004776

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