Project Untangled

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Project Untangled

    WP8: Stakeholder engagement

    This WP will maximise the relevance and impact of UNTANGLED, and support its transdisciplinary aspirations, engaging a broad community of stakeholders from groups including policymakers, international organisations, companies, social partners, civil society and academia.

    We will systematically gather stakeholders’ insights, opening up the research to dialogue with them and reflecting on the methodologies and practices of stakeholder involvement. After building a stakeholder community, we will set up a framework to engage with its members, carrying out a series of expert workshops and webinars and establishing an online discussion platform. An academic publication will reflect on the project’s methodologies and experience in stakeholder engagement. This WP will generate a stakeholder introduction package and framework, as well as a methodological report.

    WP8 leader: ZSI

    Contact person: Ursula Holtgrewe

    Partners involved: KU Leuven, LISER, IBS, WIIW, ZSI, ESRI, UNIPG, POLIMI, UORL, RWI, IPLE-CASS, Fedesarrollo, UCT and Aldgate.

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    This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101004776

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