Project Untangled

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Project Untangled

    WP7: Synthesis and policy

    WP7 will combine knowledge generated inside and outside of the project, synthesising the results of WPs 3-5, updating the literature review, taking stock of policy fields and reviewing best practices, assessing how to improve job creation and quality, investigating how to upgrade skills and address mismatches and considering policies to tackle inequalities and foster labour mobility.

    We will formulate and validate policy conclusions and recommendations based on the project’s research, and explore and propose areas and opportunities for national and international governance, multilateral cooperation and capacity building. The results will be contained in a research report synthesising UNTANGLED’s main findings, with an accompanying policy brief, and five additional policy briefs, on:

    • strengthening job creation and improving job quality

    • upgrading skills and fostering lifelong learning

    • tackling growing inequalities

    • supporting migration and labour mobility

    • inclusive policies

    WP7 leader: KU Leuven

    Contact Person: Karolien Lenaerts

    Partners involved: KU Leuven, LISER, IBS, WIIW, ZSI, ESRI, UNIPG, POLIMI, UORL, RWI, IPLE-CASS, Fedesarrollo and UCT.

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    This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101004776

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