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Project Untangled

    Introductory Webinar

    Our introductory webinar on 5 July provided an opportunity for stakeholders, colleagues and everyone who is interested in the impact of globalisation, technological transformations and demographic change on labour markets in the European Union to get to know our project. Our researchers briefly explained the goals and planned research output of our three-year project.



    2:05 – 2:20 UNTANGLED: teasing apart the impacts of technological change, globalisation and demographic change (Karolien Lenaerts, HIVA-KU Leuven)

    The webinar started with a brief introduction to the UNTANGLED project and our partners, highlighting the key questions we aim to answer and our approach to doing so.We discussed the project’s outputs and impacts with the audience.


    2:20 – 2:30 Ways to get involved with UNTANGLED and help us ensure our research is relevant (Ursula Holtgrewe, ZSI)

    This contribution showed how UNTANGLED will interact with stakeholders and interested parties, and introduced our series of online and live events.


    2:30 – 2:40 Interactive session: participants’ areas of interest (Martina Lindorfer, ZSI)

    2:40 – 2:55 Does the wisdom of human resource management still apply in a digitalised work environment? (Ludivine Martin, LISER)

    The presentation gave an overview of recent research by Ludivine Martin and her team at LISER regarding the importance of human resource management practices in a work environment shaped by digital transformation.


    2:55 – 3:10 Are routine tasks getting old? Job tasks and demographics in Europe (Piotr Lewandowski, IBS)

    The twin forces of technological progress and globalisation are changing the nature of work, and driving the shift away from routine work and towards non-routine work. However, they affect younger and older workers differently, contributing to inter- and intra-generational inequality in a surprising way.


    3:10 – 3:30 General discussion

    Below is a link to the entire webinar on the UNTANGLED YouTube page.


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